Who We Are Looking For

You are a student and want to be part of the team?


Would you like to gain practical experience alongside your studies and gain insights into various industries?


Consult.HN, a student run management consultancy, offers you the opportunity to enhance your theoretical studies with practical experience and to take your personal development into your own hands.



Do you enjoy working in interdisciplinary and international teams and approach complex issues with a hands-on mentality?


At Consult.HN, we value teamwork. Whether on internal or external projects, we tackle issues together. You will work together with students from different disciplines and get to know exciting personalities.

Your Journey

All of our applicants go through the following multi-step application process:

Our members can develop internally and externally. To what extent and in which areas you do this is entirely up to you. Click through now and find out what your career with us could look like.

Internal career path

1. Candidate
You have successfully completed the application process. In the first training sessions, you will learn the basics of our work and apply them together with other candidates on the candidate project.
2. Member
You have successfully completed your candidate project and are now a member. You support a department of your choice and have the right to vote in the general assembly.
3. Head of department
You take responsibility for your department and lead your team. You organize and delegate tasks and develop new ideas and concepts together with your team.
4. Chairman
You lead and develop the association and all its members together with the other board members. You work across departments and represent the association externally.

External career path

1. Candidate
You have successfully completed the application process. In the first training sessions, you will learn the basics of our work and apply them together with other candidates on the candidate project.
2. Junior Consultant
You have successfully completed your candidate project and are now a Junior Consultant. Now you can apply for your first external project and work as part of a team to address our customers' issues.
3. Senior Consultant
You are one of our more experienced consultants and have already gained some experience on projects. On your projects you take on more and more responsibility.
4. Managing Consultant
You are among the most experienced consultants of Consult.HN. On projects you can take over a leadership position and you are the central contact person for the customer. The coordination of the entire project is in your hands!

Apply Now

You want to start directly at Consult.HN?

We are looking for committed, creative and open-minded students from all disciplines who are studying in Heilbronn. In any case, you should love new challenges and ambition as well as teamwork should be a matter of course for you.

A valid enrollment at a university in Heilbronn is a prerequisite for your participation.


See you next year for the next application period.

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Die Bewerbungsphase ist leider beendet.



All students of auniversity located in Heilbronn can become members. As proof we need a valid certificate of enrollment from you.

You can become a member after you have successfully completed the application process. You can find more information about the application process here or in the question “How does the application process work?

After you have sent us your application documents, you will receive feedback. If you were able to convince us with your application documents, we would like to get to know you better in a personal interview. If you are also convincing here, you are a candidate. As a candidate, you will complete a candidate project together with other candidates and we will prepare you for your work as a junior consultant in various training courses.

You can apply at the beginning of each semester. On Instagram, LinkedIn, our homepage and via the newsletter you will receive all important information about the application period.

As a member of a team made up of various candidates, you will be given a internal or external consulting project that is based on real problems and can also be incorporated into the work of the association at a later date. The project phase extends over a period of approximately 6 to 8 weeks. During the project you will be supported by mentors and will be taught the necessary skills to successfully complete the project. After successful completion of the candidate project, you will be accepted as a full member of Consult.HN. From now on you can contribute to external and internal projects.

Of course! We would like to offer you the opportunity to gain experience. Whether you already have practical experience is of minor importance. What is important to us is that you are motivated to gain new experience and learn more.

No, not necessarily. We are looking for motivated and committed students who want to contribute to our team. Grades only reflect these qualities to a limited extent. What matters to us much more is your drive and willingness to learn, which we would like to assess during a personal interview and the candidate project.

No! We offer you the opportunity to gain experience with us. We value motivation, commitment and independence.

No, we are happy about every student from every course of study and every semester. Working in interdisciplinary teams with a wide variety of different courses of study is particularly important to us.


As students, we advise companies in interdisciplinary teams on a wide variety of topics and problems. Our members take on responsibility on internal and external projects, gain valuable experience and develop personally and professionally.

With us, you can expect one thing above all: opportunities. Opportunities to develop professionally and personally, to prove your skills, to build a valuable network and to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice. Take advantage of these opportunities and apply with us!

It’s entirely up to you. Apart from a few compulsory events, each member is free to decide how much he/she is committed. In principle, however, you can say that the time commitment increases the further you progress along the career path.

We have two independent career paths: internal and external. You influence the internal career path through your commitment to the association on internal projects. The external career path reflects your experience on external projects. It determines which task packages you will be assigned and which role you will play on a project. You can find more information here.

Yes, the membership fee is 10 € per semester. With this fee we finance, among other things, teambuilding activities, club events and your equipment.

Basically nothing. If you have something like that coming up, just let the corresponding department know and we’ll take it into account.


Internal projects are all about the further development of the association. This can involve, for example, the creation of training courses or the development of new marketing materials. In external projects, the association members advise companies on various issues or problems in teams.

We carry out projects for industrial companies, start-ups and consultancies in a wide range of operational functional areas and with a wide range of problems.

Compensation varies depending on the size and type of project.

This depends on the scope and size of the project. At the beginning, you will always work in a team with consultants who already have more experience and are available to answer your questions.

Any further questions?

Chantal Kühne

Chantal Kühne

Head of Human Resources

Manuel Wolf

Manuel Wolf

Board of directors (internal affairs)